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We're Four Years Old

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Four years ago I started Alabaster Trader. So to mark the occasion, I thought it would be meaningful (and fun!) to take a trip down memory lane and document those early days. Sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago. I was on maternity leave from my career in the tech industry and had baby Nash on my hip who was 8 months old.

I didn't want to go back to my career in the tech industry, so I went to India to source homewares to complement my existing side business in Indian block printing. I soon realised that I would need to commit to filling a container as there was no way I could send timber homewares via air freight. I made a friend when I was there who introduced me to old Indian furniture. I'd always loved Indian crafts and had various side businesses in Indian textiles for the previous 11 years, so it wasn't suprising that I fell in love with the ornate, hand carved pieces. I asked my friend to help me have them repaired and refinished in lighter colours. I loved the intricate details and authenticity of the pieces, but didn't love the heavy colours. 

When I got back I signed a 'pop-up' style lease on a run-down shop in Noosa Junction. It had just been bought by a private developer, who let me lease it when they planned their renovation.

When we got the keys, Rob and I (mostly Rob) worked around the clock to fit it out - mostly with white paint and a temporary wall. 

We juggled little Nash throughout - one worked while the other looked after the baby. I hurt my back at this time - carrying a baby and then sanding the floor back. 

It was an exciting and scary time. I had no idea what I was doing or if my concept and vision would work. 

P.S. That was our first logo that I designed myself (#bootstrapping) that my good friend Tani from Doodlebug cleaned up for me.

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  • Eiryn Mortellaro: February 20, 2021

    I enjoy seeing your instagram pics and decided to visit your store and blog. I appreciate your aesthetics. Thanks for detailing your journey…from Alabama US

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