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Our First Container Arrives - October 2016

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This time 4 years ago our first container arrived. It was dropped next to the footpath on the main street of Noosa Junction! I still can't believe we did that. 

I remember we had something crazy like an hour to unload it before we would start being charged by the transport the pressure was on.

Rob and his friend Alex unloaded it by hand straight into the shop at 6:30am (that wouldn't be the last container Rob would have to do that way :-). 

I remember being so nervous. I didn't know if it would turn up or if the pieces were what I ordered. Or if the refinishing was what I wanted. Or if things were broken (and what would I do if they were??).

It was only half a small container - just enough to fit out the shop. But to me at the time, it seemed huge. My future was in those boxes.

My first haul. I sat there on my own and just stared at it all. It sunk in - it looked beautiful and I was proud. I started to get a little bit excited. So much has changed since then..yet not much has changed. I took so much care to choose every piece. I had everything refinished exactly the way I wanted it - some pieces up to 3 times to get it not much has changed. 

I was head-over-heels for that container. For those of you who are a fan of the book The Alchemist, I really do believe it was 'beginner's luck'. I only had a limited number of pieces, but to this day, they were some of my best. And the finishes were so varied and subtle and looked so good together. I've tried to recreate it, but it's impossible. It was just a little bit of magic from the universe to get us started. 

Meanwhile this little guy had his naps behind the temporary wall - often in his pram, or in this case..probably in a box or on the swing bed I had!

And this piece. This old girl really kick started things and gave me the confidence to put my work out there. More on that soon.




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