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Vintage Indian Mana Pot 281150

Designer: Alabaster Trader


These one off, vintage pots were sourced in north west India. Originally used in traditional family kitchens, These old Mana pots are wooden, handmade jars that were used to measure grain and other commodities with lines engraved on the inside. The pots history and age is  evident in their bleached weathered patina and light distressing. Each pot is etched  with carving and metal adornments unique to its owner. Use them grouped together in various sizes, with a dried arrangement of florals or display in the kitchen to house cooking utensils.

 Dimensions: 15cm high x 17cm wide x  17cm deep

There are multiple of these available, please get in touch if you would like to select a particular pot/ want specific measurements.

*Please note, as these are vintage pieces imperfections are expected. These “ imperfections” are to be celebrated as part of the history of each individual piece, and add to their story and character.


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