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Carved Chunky Candle Sticks

Designer: Alabaster Trader


These chunky carved candle sticks are made out of Indian charpoy (bed) legs. Each one is unique.

Candle Stick 1 - 31cm x 11cm

Candle Stick 2 - 32cm x 9cm

Candle Stick 3 - 30cm x 9cm

Candle Stick 4 - 32cm x 9cm

Candle Stick 5 - 31cm x 9cm

Candle Stick 6 - 30cm x 10cm

Candle Stick 7 - 29cm x 10cm

Candle Stick 8 - 30cm x 10cm

Candle Stick 9 - 30cm x 11cm

Candle Stick 10 - 31cm x 10cm

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