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Antique Indian Door LA028

Designer: Alabaster Trader


Antique Indian Door LA028

These are original old doors from North West India, they are carved from teak, bleached to achieve a beautiful light patina, and finished with metal details and hardware. They can be used for interior or exterior installation. These doors come with the original frame, making install as working doors easily achievable. When used outdoors you may want to apply a matte, water based exterior sealer to maintain the finish. This beautiful arch style would suit many styles, and are sure to make a statement wherever they are used.

Dimensions: 243cm high x 153cm  wide x 12cm deep

Dimensions without frame: 229 high x 137cm wide

*please note, as these are vintage pieces imperfections are expected. These “ imperfections” are to be celebrated as part of the history of each individual piece, and add to their story and character.

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